The Oracle HCM Employee Engagement Portal built with WebCenter Content

The Oracle HCM Employee Engagement Portal built with WebCenter Content

A couple years ago I built a global Employee Engagement Portal on-top of Oracle Content Management connected with HCM. With OCM now EOS 2025 and the advancements the team at Fishbowl Solutions have made with their new CM Box platform to help deliver and syncronise content - It's time to re-visit the Employee Engagement platform and expand the support to leverage secure enterprise document management from within WebCenter Content and expose core components as re-usable APEX Template Components - enabling you to extend your APEX portal with integrated Document Services.

The Oracle HCM ME (Employee Experience Portal)


Oracle does provide an excellent integrated Employee Experience portal called Oracle ME available with HCM - however there are limitations with it's customisability & ability to integrate with an existing Employee Portals or Intranets. This app is not intended to replace the Oracle ME portal but is designed to provide added features around document and content management for employees and provide more flexibility that allow customers to extend, integrate with their own services as well as incorporate features into their existing portal.

The OCM Employee Engagement Portal Integrated with HCM


  • Enterprise SSO
  • Branded UX
  • Multilingual
  • Content Personalisation
  • Profile Management
  • Enterprise Search
  • Micro-Blogging Platform
  • Content Cards
  • Notifications
  • Document Management
  • Integration
  •  - HCM
  •  - WebCenter Content
  •  - - Leverage Records Management
  •  - Teams
  •  - APEX Template Components
  • Gen AI
  •  - Personal Content Search

High level Architecture

There are 2 options available:

  1. APEX - if you have an APEX Portal and are looking to expose - Enterprise Secured Documents with WebCenter Content connected with HCM then all the core features are built as customisable APEX template components that you can drop into your portal - alternatively a GraphQL layer is exposed via the middleware CM Box platform which allows you to easily consume the integrated services giving you full control on the user experience.
  2. Employee Engagement App - A prebuilt app is available that can be accessed via the web, MS Teams or as a downloadable App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    The Fishbowl Solutions team are working to enable an AppBuilder interface to allow you to extend, build and integrate your own components built with your framework of choice ie Vue, React, Angular, JET...  And give you full control over the branding via Tailwind CSS theme configuration.
With the release of Oracle APEX 23.1 last April and a new feature called Template Components - we can now expose Custom Elements essentially a Suite of components that can be dropped into APEX enabling prebuilt customisable core document & employee engagement modules into your portal.

HCM / WebCenter SaaS Extensions

For Administrators working directly on WebCenter Content and HCM the team are also working on a set of integrated SaaS Extensions providing you the ability to more easily manage documents directly from within HCM.

You can see a sample Extension designed for CX Sales:

(O)CM Box - SaaS Integration Overview
As part of the (O)CM Box rollout the Fishbowl team have also been working on SaaS integrations - I was able to get a demo this morning showing the CX Sales integration for attaching and managing documents against opportunities and it’s looking great. The interface is built as an
Integrated SaaS HCM WebCenter
Although HCM does have WebCenter/UCM integrated and hidden behind the scenes for Document of Records and Managed Attachments - it is a locked down version that unfortunately today does not provided the flexibility to install WebCenter components or enable features such as Records Management - a PaaS subscription to WebCenter is required.


I'll be working on an updated demo and presentation to show off the APEX integrations and how the new Employee Engagement Portal works with WebCenter Content in the next couple of weeks.. but..

If you are interested in seeing a video of the previous Employee Engagement Portal built with OCM and HCM it is available here:

Next Generation Portals with Oracle Content Management
Over the last couple years I’ve been building a suite of components designed for employee engagement and advocacy on-top of Oracle Content Management and thought it would be great to break out share some of the key capabilities and features I’ve built out that you can achieve with the OCM

If it is of any interest please reach out to the Fishbowl Solutions team - I'd love to know if there are any features you'd like to see or expose for Integrated Secured Document Management with WebCenter Content and HCM.

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