Managing 4k Video Workflows for WebCenter Content

Managing 4k Video Workflows for WebCenter Content

Recently I came across an OCM customer that stores hi-resolution 4k video content. This is great when working across local networks for storing data but when using the cloud and where a 1 min video can take a couple Gigabytes of data this can be problematic, especially when you are making changes and creating new revision of videos that you want to store.

You don't want to be reuploading GBs of data again and again that have not changed..

This gave me the idea of what about splicing the updated content and overwriting the existing video but just with the segment of video that has been updated - so that the video editor is just transferring data that has been updated.

Proof of Concept

Over the weekend with Fishbowls CMBox platform connected with WebCenter Content - I tried this out where CMBox handles the processing - clipping and stitching of data.

I'm not a video editor - so there may be some drawbacks to this approach, but from my tests is worked really well.

The editor provides start time of where the video is to be added, uploads the video and then hits a process button where CMBox then calculates where the video needs to be clipped and replaced and processes and generates  a new version.

This worked pretty well with ffmpeg!!..

It got me thinking.. how about creating a small desktop app that allows you to precheck locally and auto create the clippings that are then uploaded to CMBox for processing and pushing into WebCenter Content.

You have the original file (Same file that is in WebCenter), and the new file the editor created. The editor can determine via transparent overlay the clip points or... and this is the time consuming part but more accurate - allow the app to preprocess frame by frame each video and check if the bytesize changes to auto collect this information.

After this data is collected upload the clipped video segments and get CMBox to generate the new revision.

Saving the editor from uploading GBs of duplicated data and using server side processing to more effectively stitch the video together.


Inspiration for this approach came from using an amazing Mac app built with React and Electron -

I was fortunate to work on a hackathon last month to help the screen studio team out - with figuring out approaches that could help enhance their video processing engine. (and.. Yes I did win!)

If anyone is interested in a solution like this please reach out
- it's something I'd love to work on especially with WebCenter..

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