Hi! I'm John

I love to innovate and collaborate with talented developers who like to stretch the capabilities of the web to build cutting-edge and engaging experiences.

You'll find me presenting on Full Stack Development, Innovation, User Experience, and Cloud Patterns.

If you enjoy tech, drinking beer, and sharing ideas, come find me!

Exciting Projects I'm Working On:

  • CM Box for WebCenter: A replacement for Oracle Content Management and Universal Enterprise CMS & DAM designed using the same core architecture principles. Built with AstroJS.
  • Employee Engagement: Enhancing employee engagement by integrating the best features from HCM to create a new and exciting APEX and headless experience for your employees powered by WebCenter Content.
  • Cloud sync desktop app for WebCenter: A replacement to WebCenters WebDav interface enabling a virtual drive to drill into folders and access content with targeted syncing of content for quick offline access using encrypted data store.
  • Adobe Creative Suite integration: A new desktop app that provides integration for the Adobe creative suite for accessing and managing content from WCC directly in and Adobe app.
  • New video platform to replace sauce: A new innovative platform designed to Create, Sync and Stream Video Content more effectively to WebCenter Content.
  • GenAI Projects: Exploring the capabilities of Generative AI to create innovative solutions and enhance user experiences beyond RAG with innovative new virtual agents designed for Fusion ie HCM.
  • Oracle Fusion and CX: Working on integrating Oracle Fusion applications to streamline business processes and enhance customer experience (CX) with cutting-edge solutions for Eloqua, Commerce and Sales Cloud.

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