Hi! I'm John

I love to innovate and collaborate with talented developers who like to stretch the capabilities of the web to build cutting edge and engaging experiences.

You'll find me presenting on Full Stack Development, Innovation, User Experience and Cloud Patterns.

If you enjoy tech, drinking beer and sharing ideas come find me!

Here are some of the exciting new projects I'm working on atm..

  • How to use AstroJS as a middleware compiler for Oracle Content Management Sites that converts and publishes lightning fast and lightweight sites.
  • Recreating the Remix IDE that allows developing, deploying and administering smart contracts designed for the Oracle Blockchain Platform to execute to Smart Contract methods running on EVM with web3 and REST.
  • Creating JAMStack sites on-top of Netlify Connected with Oracle Content Managment Experiences and other CMS.
  • Enhancing the conversational Digital Assistant Experience - some say it's all about conversation as an introvert I disagree for me it's about engaging and creating reactive experiences retrieving and delivering content faster to the end user. I don't want to spend loops talking to a bot to try to get info.. I want the info delivered quickly in multiple ways..
  • Improving Developer experience with Svelte & Sveltekit if you haven't you really need to check it out..
  • Improving on Employee Engagement taking the best bits from HCM and creating a new and exciting headless experience for your employees.
  • and more....

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