Here are a list of components & Oracle Cloud productised solutions I've worked on over the years. If you are interested in integrating any of these with your instance - please reach out using the form on the product pages.

Oracle Content Management

Social Widget Plus

A social widget designed to be used headless or within OCM Sites with the following capabilities:

  • Multilingual, Theming, Responsive
  • Enables User Search, Follow/Unfollow, Group & one to one chat, Direct Messages & Profile management
  • Authentication Via Multiple Providers (IDCS, Azure, Social LinkedIn, Facebook etc)
Threaded Discussions Plus

A discussions widget using OCM Conversations capabilities as a store for creating threaded discussions that authenticated users can post against.

Built to support headless apps or installed as a sites component:

  • Multilingual, Theming, Responsive
  • Enable Message Posts, Hashtags, User tagging, uploading assets, sharing links, user reporting
  • Toxicity analyser to auto-flag messages to admins
Custom Form Plus

OCM Custom Form Generator Component with additional capabilities enhancing the editorial experience.

  • Drag Drop upload referenced assets
  • Inline Image editor and preview
  • Taxonomy Management
  • Step By Step Guided editor Experience
  • Auto Assignment collections, tags, Taxonomies against asset based on rules engine
  • Multilingual, Theming
  • CkEditor 4 & 5 Support
  • Dependent choice lists
SaaS Middleware

GraphQL Middleware layer for connecting OCM to SaaS services for Dynamic responsive Intranets and Portals.

  • Integration  for wide variety of SaaS Services such as HCM, Sales Cloud and more
  • Can be configured to pull  cache data improving load times and response of merged datasets.
Sites Micro components & Accelerator

Prepackaged prebuilt OCM Site for quickly building dynamic and personalised sites & Microsites - with a suite of enhanced components:

  • Search
  • Blogging
  • Article Posting
  • Media Library
  • Forms
  • Login/Authentication
  • SEO
Sites Shopify Template/Theme

Base responsive Shopify OCM Sites that uses Shopify services headless built on-top of the OCM Sites components enabling quick content creation and campaign generation from centralised CMS.

Campaign Manager

Kanban style board similar to Trello built into Oracle Content Management enabling easier management of assets and publications associated with a campaign.

Employee Engagement Platform

Web & Mobile app that exposes features for employee  engagement enabling collaboration.

Customer Advocacy and Influencer Platform

Web & Mobile app for helping to create influencers that share and promote your brand within an advocacy styled portal.

Mobile Calendar Component

A slick calendar component integrated with content to show events and assets enabling simple contribution  to display global  corporate events.

Oracle Blockchain Platform

EVM Management UI Web3/REST

Web framework similar to Remix designed for OBP that lets you focus on the user interface and enables quick development and updates to your smart contract via a web interface connecting with Web3 or REST services.

Enterprise NFT Marketplace

Built on top of OBP enables the ability to have a centralised managed NFT Marketplace with the ability to bridge NFTs onto Ethereum and Polygon. This platform can also be used to give out employee based certificates and awards.

Digital Wallet

Designed for conferences to improve engagement using gamification and enabling additional anonymous reporting on how users experienced and engaged with the conference tracking NFTs collected at booths, sessions, parties.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Atlas Web UI

An enhanced Digital Assistant Web UI - designed to improve the experience and capabilities of the Oracle Digital Assistant.

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