(O)CM Box - SaaS Integration Overview

(O)CM Box - SaaS Integration Overview

As part of the (O)CM Box rollout the Fishbowl team have also been working on SaaS integrations - I was able to get a demo this morning showing the CX Sales integration for attaching and managing documents against opportunities and it's looking great.  

The interface is built as an extension to CX Sales with Visual Builder connected with the (O)CM Box APIs - allowing users to quickly manage their documents directly from within CX Sales.

Here you can see an Opportunity for BitmapBytes and the Control Center product in CX Sales - there is a new panel called Documents that list out documents related to this opportunity sorted by last contributed - you can click on the link to download and view the document or select the "View or Manage Documents" link at the bottom of the panel to manage and add documents.

CX Sales with Documents Extension
Note: As the document is stored on the (O)CM Box platform it also provides added security and ability to integrate with genAI capabilties & MS Teams - enabling Sales reps to ask questions directly against documents with it's Virtual Agent.

ie "Show me deals where we won over [size in usd] in [region] that are within [industry]"

The Virtual Agent then outputs the information to the sales rep
- pretty neat!..

By going into the "View or Manage Documents" I'm presented with a table view and list of documents against the opportunity - this is where I can then contribute and add a new document.

CX Sales Manage Documents against an opportunity

On Adding a new document I can then choose the Document type from a dropdown list which modifies the form information and metadata to populate - relevant to the attached document.  

CX Sales Contributing a new document

Oracle WebCenter Content Support

The Extension also supports WebCenter Content; enabling additional functionality such as integrated workflows - this then allows you to trigger workflows to enable support for team leaders to review and approve documents such as SoW before they are sent out.

More info?

For more info head over and get in contact with the Fishbowl Solutions team:

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