How to: SSH into a WebCenter Cloud Node

How to: SSH into a WebCenter Cloud Node

When setting up WebCenter Content from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace it configures multiple OCI instances - which don't display a public IP to allow you to easily access via SSH a WebCenter node.

It does however provide a bastion OCI instance which provides added protection against attack that you can connect through.

Step by step:

Here is a quick walkthrough on connecting through the bastion server - so that you can access a WebCenter Node.

  1. Login to Oracle Cloud
  1. Goto you Bastion WCC Compute instance and collect the ip address
  1. Open SSH (here I'm using mobaxterm) add 'opc' as the user and use the SSH Private Key created as part of the SSH Key Pair setup.
  1. Now recreate the SSH key or upload it to the bastion server.
  2. Make sure to change the permissions on the private key you copied across with
$> chmod 600 privatekey

6. Now from the bastion server SSH into the WCC Compute instance - you can find the ip from the cloud console.

$> ssh -i privatekey opc@

7. Finally switch to the oracle user

sudo su oracle

That's it!

Now you have full power to explore the node, look through the exciting new components that have been developed or fix things that you may not be able to do within the UI.