If you were at CloudWorld or listened into the keynotes the future of Oracle seems to be with APEX - their Application Express development platform.

What does this mean?

All of Oracles new applications will no longer be built with Java & VBCS but an Oracle Database and APEX first approach... Existing SaaS applications such as HCM won't be re-written on APEX they will continued to be developed on.. with a tight integration with VBCS.

What if you are an APEX Developer and want to extend existing SaaS applications?

Don't worry Oracle has you covered with the ability to let you create integrated APEX pages within the SaaS solution and ability to easily consume and interact with the core datastore.

With that said what does this mean for me? - well I love tech and most of my focus is with Blockchain, Content Management and Digital Assistant. APEX is going to be that next stepping stone - less on the DB and apps side but more on integration of new UI components and solutions designed to be dropped into APEX from blockchain through to content management.

Take a look at the Oracle APEX official site:

Yes! Built with ❤️ using Oracle APEX...

Oracle APEX is the world’s most popular enterprise low-code application platform that enables you to build scalable, secure web and mobile apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere – cloud or on premises.

APEX doesn't have a CMS or DAM today and although you can create amazing sites like the one above they have to be managed by your APEX team not your core editorial or marketing teams..

With that said and as their is no official CMS on the APEX roadmap - I'll be focusing some of my time on taking the existing work I've done with Oracle Content Management and providing a new integrated editor experience allowing the APEX team to continue to build dynamic DB Apps for their intranets/portals. Whilst enabling support for authenticated editors to use a separate clean interface outside of APEX to manage and create new content pages with all the great features you get from OCM such as version control, search, integrated AI, Renditions, Personalisation, multi-language support, chat etc.

Taking some of the features you can see from my lightweight site builder and enhancing it for content creators:

Enhancing the OCM Site Builder Developer Experience
Oracle Content Management is an amazing CMS for Editors and Content Creators but when it comes to the developer experience there is a lot that can be done to improve the development lifecycle. A couple years ago I worked with a team to help improve and streamline the developer experience

If you are interested in APEX

Jump onto the learning the path here:

Learning Oracle APEX is easy and it won’t take long to pick up the basics. However, if you’re not sure where to begin, need some reading material, or just need a push along the way, check out these helpful resources.

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