OCM Assets Desktop App - Quick Update Mass Asset Management

OCM Assets Desktop App - Quick Update Mass Asset Management

Here's a quick peak at some of the updates and on progress made on the new Oracle Content Management Desktop app designed to create a virtual drive and let you more easily manage OCM Assets.

Showing off editing assets through the virtual drive and saving as a new revision within OCM and then a quick test of managing  2,000 assets by dropping them into the virtual drive and then deleting them.


For me I've found that if I'm managing assets on a daily basis - it makes it more convenient and quicker for me to interact with digital assets on a virtual drive instead of the web browser interface.

When is the release date?

There is still a lot more work to put into the app ie handling of locked files or referenced assets which cannot be deleted as well as an approach to enable the ability to move files to another virtual folder as a backup instead of force deleting the assets..

If you are interested in testing out the app and providing feedback let me know

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