OCM Virtual Drive: For Oracle Content Managements Asset Repository

OCM Virtual Drive: For Oracle Content Managements Asset Repository

A couple weeks ago I created a video demo - showing you how you could use the OCM Desktop Integration Suite to interact with Assets using Oracle Integration Cloud as the middleware to process and sync assets via the OCM Documents.

Video: Enhancing OCM Document OIC workflow process with an integrated Assets UX
Last week I created a quick post on some of the innovation the Fishbowl Solutions Team have been working on over the last couple of months with Oracle Integration Cloud Gen2 and Oracle Content Management to create a unified experience across Documents and assets for human workflow approvals. Enhanc…

But there are issues with this approach.. especially when you start working with large assets such as videos - where you don't want to have a sync tool that downloads GB of data - maybe you just want to browse rename or delete the asset without syncing and downloading it to your local computer.

Virtual Drive to the rescue!..

Instead of building a custom client like the OCM desktop tool - why not just create a virtual drive that enables the ability to interact directly with the assets from Windows, Linux or Mac using the native drive explorer tools..  

So that's what I created - here's a quick demo:



At the moment I've enabled the ability to define which repositories are shown as the top level folder - you could also create multiple network drives one for each folder.


The folder structure is mapped against a single taxonomy which is assigned against the repository - the user can create folders (Taxonomy categories) from their network share this creates the category and then promotes it back to the repository to enable mapping of content.

As the folders uses taxonomy categories - it is possible to add the same assets into multiple folders but this can be problematic as the asset when deleted would be removed from all tagged folders currently.


Folders can be configured with permissions and access levels from the OCM Repository Permissions panel - here I allow Nathan access to only view/download assets within the "AFS | Docs Folder" and have disabled  ability to contribute items into the folder (taxonomy category).

Folder File Actions

You have all the same capabilities as you do on your local drive:

  • Rename
    The asset field name is updated
  • Delete
    At the moment delete will force delete and remove the asset - but I'm thinking to change this and move the asset into a created "Trash/RecycleBin" taxonomy category folder and only enable force permanent deletion from here..
  • Upload
    For now - this is just designed for Digital assets which don't have required fields - I will be creating a JSON config file that will auto assign stub values to enable you to easily create assets that have required fields.
  • Download
    Downloads the latest updated asset directly from OCM
  • Preview
    Thumbnails etc are generated from the native asset at the moment.
  • Edit/Save as new version
    When you edit and save a document it create a new revision in OCM.
  • Create new file / folder
  • Move
    Will remove the old taxonomy category and apply the new category the document has been dropped into.

Still WIP Prototype

It's still an early prototype but overall interacting with Digital Assets over my network drive has made it so much easier and quicker to manage and edit assets!

If you'd like to learn more feel free to reach out.