Oracle WebCenter Content Enhanced Sites Addon with (O)CM Box

Oracle WebCenter Content Enhanced Sites Addon with (O)CM Box

In a prior post I covered how you can Lift and Shift Oracle Content Management into WebCenter Content with the automation capabilities of CM Box:

Oracle Content Management Migration to WebCenter Content
WebCenter Content is still going strong and with the OCM EOS announcement it’s the closest related product that Oracle have today. Unfortunately; there is no documented migration strategy for moving content from OCM to WebCenter Content that I know of.. - there is a guide to migrate Content from We…

And also how CM Box can offer you a dedicated Headless WebCenter Content API & Cache Layer:

Dedicated Headless WebCenter Content API & Cache Layer
WebCenter Content does not have a REST API or GraphQL layer; you can however easily query and access content information via it’s IDC web services but they aren’t really designed or optimized to deliver content as a service to websites and third-party services. If you have WebCenter Portal it does
Did you know the CM Box GraphQL layer offers the same output format as OCM.

WebCenter for Site Building

WebCenter Content used to offer a SiteBuilder tool called SiteStudio - this has now become deprecated. (SiteStudio was built 20+ years ago).

Even though WebCenter Content no longer has a SiteBuilder tool - it has all the core services such as Taxonomies, Renditions Engine, DAM, Workflow, component architecture and more at it's core without the need for any addons.

Add a CDN on top with Akamai or Cloudflare and you have a powerful headless site powered by WebCenter Content.

FYI - There is a new WebCenter Content REST API on the roadmap..

... so you could in the future use WebCenter Content headlessly with these APIs and update your website code to support the new REST API and rebuild your site using WebCenter Content Services..
But the CM Box platform might offer you something a bit better with less development for OCM Sites Migration and an offering to enhance WebCenter Content..  

Sounds great.. but what about the OCM Sites Migration?

The Fishbowl Solutions team ran a spike last month to test out the ability to move across and clone an existing OCM Site (Cafe Supremo) with their CM Box platform including sites components with a new Sites Renderer Engine.

And it worked..

Giving you the ability to now manage host and control your core sites content and documents within WebCenter Content delivered via CM Box.

Additionally the team have improved on the static site rendition - meaning you now no longer need to republish an entire site! - there are controls in place for partial site recompilation - if you found that a bit of challenge with OCM..

What now..

The spike was just an initial test against the demo sites provided by Oracle to prove it would be possible. The Team are now looking to build in full support and Sites integration and migration services..

Keep in mind this would still be headless until the team complete the new CM Box SiteBuilder offering. It's getting there but there is still a lot of work to be done.

You can check out an early alpha release integrated directly with OCM here:

Enhancing the OCM Site Builder Developer Experience
Oracle Content Management is an amazing CMS for Editors and Content Creators but when it comes to the developer experience there is a lot that can be done to improve the development lifecycle. A couple years ago I worked with a team to help improve and streamline the developer experience

Part 2 How Does It work?

I'll be pulling together a new post in the coming weeks on how we lift and shift an OCM Site to CM Box; where WebCenter Content fits and how you manage the OCM Sites Scaffolding, Site Info, Structure, Page Info & Grid, Themes, Rendering, Compilation, Auto Deployments,  Custom Domains and CDN integration..

It isn't a small task but the Fishbowl Solutions team are getting closer to making migration of your sites to WebCenter Content as simple as possible and reusing and improving upon the existing OCM architecture.

Lift And Shift OCM Sites to WebCenter Content via CM Box

If you are interested in trialing out the new CM Box Sites addon for WebCenter Content reach out to the Fishbowl Solutions team to become an early adopter!

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