Dedicated Headless WebCenter Content API & Cache Layer

Dedicated Headless WebCenter Content API & Cache Layer

WebCenter Content does not have a REST API or GraphQL layer; you can however easily query and access content information via it's IDC web services but they aren't really designed or optimized to deliver content as a service to websites and third-party services.

If you have WebCenter Portal it does offer a REST API layer for WebCenter Content that can be used.

How can I use Portal?

A couple of years ago I pulled together a high-level white paper on how to use it to access portal and content services here via it's REST API:

or the Official Oracle documentation here:

Using Oracle WebCenter REST APIs

Other Options

With that said if WebCenter Content is going to be Oracle's new Content Delivery Platform then I have my fingers crossed that on the new Roadmap a Content Delivery API will be made available - so that anyone transitioning to WebCenter can rely on it for delivering content out headlessly.

In the mean time the Fishbowl Solutions team are looking into the potential of enabling CM Box to expose WebCenter Content data via their GraphQL and Cache layer enabling you to query and filter by the data you need and offering a Headless Content Delivery layer designed for WebCenter Content Items.

Benefits of CM Box as a content layer for WebCenter

First the performance; due to CMBox having an integrated cache layer built on top of Redis the server response times are around 50ms.

Additionally GraphQL is provided - allowing you to declaratively fetch the data that you need.

Integrated Content Security that allows data to be secured and or pushed out to public channels. With an an additional security layer and interface where users can register outside of WebCenter Content for accessing secured public content.

You get the benefits of the extra services and solutions built in to CM Box such as GenAI and enabling Content Virtual Assistants against your repositories.

A modern UX following the same great design patterns that OCM used.


The Fishbowl Solutions team are working closely with Oracle, so we will see if there is room for a dedicated content as a service layer for WebCenter using CM Box or if the WebCenter development team will be incorporating OCM features that can more easily handle content delivery via a dedicated API Layer.

Interested in a content layer for WebCenter

If this is something that you are interested in reach out to the Sales Team and find out more about CM Box and plans for Content Layer delivered by Oracle or the Fishbowl Solutions Team.

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