OCM to WebCenter - eCommerce Asset Management

OCM to WebCenter - eCommerce Asset Management

A number of Oracle Content Management customers use OCM today to manage digital assets across eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce and Oracle Commerce Cloud leveraging tools such as Netsuite that enable the product SKU to be mapped against digital assets within the CMS platform rather than the commerce platform; this provides marketing teams with a dedicated DAM platform and ability to easily own, manage and promote their brand and products.

Why not use eCommerce for DAM?

Although over the last 5 years commerce platforms have grown with their capabilities to managed content and digital assets - they still fall short unfortunately when it comes to Content Management & DAM and providing a unified experience targeted towards marketing teams enabling access to manage marketing collateral and product asset in a centralised platform.

When you migrate content from eCommerce platforms to a true Asset Management platform for example OCM then Development teams have the ability to create headless commerce sites or build on-top of existing commerce platforms with assets managed by Marketing teams via a dedicated DAM. This includes the ability to create more content focused sites that have the addon commerce platform capabilities.

How does the Product and marketing data map?

The Product SKU is often used to map against the assets as a SLUG
(A slug is a data field that allows another unique identifier that can against an asset that teams can use to target content).

Using a tool like Netsuite to co-ordinate inventory management plugged into commerce and content. Netsuite then be used to create to placeholder inventory items into a DAM like WebCenter for marketing teams to then easily apply marketing content into.


Unfortunately Oracle have announced this month that OCM is now in End Of Service.

You can read more here:

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Oracle WebCenter as a Digital Asset Management Platform

With OCM now EOS customers are looking for where they can transition their data onto - one of the options is Oracle WebCenter Content; this is a great stepping stone platform to migrate too and has all the basics you really need to enable marketing teams create content strategies around.

Oracle WebCenter Content DAM Interface 

You can see the official overview here:

Webcenter Content - Content Management System | Oracle United Kingdom

Enhancing WebCenter Content Capabilities

With that said.. WebCenter provides a great alternative to Oracle Content Management but it doesn't have all the features of OCM today and migration can be challenging from OCM to WebCenter.

The team at Fishbowl Solutions have been working hard to make the transition easier with a new platform and WebCenter Addon that enables the ability to lift and shift your content with a click of a button into the WebCenter Repository as well as providing a familiar UX with capabilities that OCM offered and more.

Checkout a recent post on the new addon platform and services:

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Learn More about CM Box..

If you'd like to learn more about the Fishbowl Solution new addon for WebCenter Content and eCommerce reach out to team here:

Contact Us | Fishbowl Solutions

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