Tip: OCM Going Headless with a single domain.

Tip: OCM Going Headless with a single domain.

If you want to use OCM as a headless CMS without setting any sites against a single domain you can do this pretty quickly and easily; however reading through the Oracle Docs it doesn't really make this straight forward and sometimes the support team can make this tricky not fully understanding the request - so I thought I'd put this as a quick tip on how to set this up.


Forget about sites and just up an OCM  “Instance Level Vanity Domain” this will allow all API requests to be received from your vanity domain - there is nothing that needs to be setup a the site level as that will only make changes to a specific OCM site which we don't need.

Select "System" under Administration within the side nav bar.

Select "Sites" from the System Menu.

Scroll down and you will see an option to Manage Vanity Domains:

Add the Domain and select "Save"

When you setup the vanity domain here - it will take sometime to configure.
Check back and once setup you'll be able to select it from the list.

Once configured raise a support ticket https://support.oracle.com with Oracle to setup and configure the CDN you'll need to supply your domain certificates.

You can read about the process here:


If your headless site needs to perform any management activities, ie anything other than a GET Request - then you will need to mention that in you support ticket - so that the Oracle Team can add the required behaviors to allow those actions through the CDN:

- Ensure the Forward Host Header matches the friendly management domain

- Ensure all calls to the server function by enabling the HTTP DELETE (with Body enabled), POST, PUT, and PATCH methods, which are often not enabled by default in CDN configurations

That's it now you can make calls through you domain via the CDN to OCM.