Oracle Digital Assistant - Headless UI Sample

Oracle Digital Assistant - Headless UI Sample

So on the flight back from Las Vegas and CloudWorld I had a free 10hrs on my hands... What do you do? Create a headless chatbot UI of course - for everyone to use!

Built with the ODA WebSDK, Tailwind and Svelte.

It's still a very early WIP but the plan is to roll out a configurable, them-able and more dynamic version of the OOTB Redwood chat UI that you can customise and easily plugin new features.

Download and view source @github

GitHub - JohnRSim/ODA-UI: Oracle Digital Assistant WebComponent Sample
Oracle Digital Assistant WebComponent Sample. Contribute to JohnRSim/ODA-UI development by creating an account on GitHub.

Roadmap for phase 1 ( 10%.. )

  • Base demo (Complete)
  • Custom Themes
  • Visual Voice display
  • Emoji support
  • Attachment support
  • Agent Handoff
  • Downloadable chat history
  • Session Management
  • Avatar/gravatar and login support
  • Elements
     - Button(s)
     - Vertical cards
     - Horizontal cards
     - Message with formatting
     - Image
     - Form
     - Video
     - User feedback
  • End session & timeout handling
  • In context chat display
  • Floating Chat Icon
  • Multilingual UI support
  • Translate this
  • Micro interactions / animations
  • Accessibilty enhancements

Keep an eye out on the progress and please feel free to add requests ideas into github!