Oracle Content Management Form Builder on the App Store Soon!

Oracle Content Management Form Builder on the App Store Soon!

Oracle are soon to release their appstore and with that a suite of new free addon apps! Fingers crossed in the next month..

With the launch of the appstore - it means that I can start building more exciting integrations and dropping bundled apps that can be installed directly.

One thing that I think would be great - is a Form Builder tool.. So last night I checked in with Oracle Team to make sure I'm not recreating the wheel and they have something that is on the roadmap or almost available for release; that I'd somehow missed.. And good news no plans.. so I get  to try to build it!

Early MVP

OCM Sites Form Types

Initial plan will be that you will  be able to create two types of forms:

Email Contact Form
Structure and create an email form,  drop in images, videos, structure the layout and setup where the form data should be emailed too.

Asset Form
Choose an asset type and map the field data to a custom created form - when a user submits the form a new asset is created and stored in OCM.

This will all be done within the assets view - the styling will be inherited or managed by the developer in OCM Sites.

The plan will be to release a Sites component with a skeleton CSS for the structure and an option to select themes to auto style the form on  the fly.

Editor UX

I'm going to try something new...ish..

You'll have the standard drag/drop elements panel on the right and I'll be using LexicalJS behind the covers.. but I'm planning that the tab key will allow the user to quickly create multi-columns and enter key will create rows. Backspaces will delete columns if they are empty or will popup to confirm deletion of the row and this will all be responsive based on the  container width.

There will be a quick way to toggle out of developer mode and preview the form with a sample theme.

Do you want  to try it out before release?

Get in contact and I'll give you access to my private github repository and you can let me know about all the gremlins in the code.. :)