Using GPT-4 with Oracle Content Management designed for Documents

Using GPT-4 with Oracle Content Management designed for Documents

This month I've been digging into AI Stable Diffusion and chatGPT..

It's pretty amazing - well I think it is..

This week I saw an announcement that Stripe and OpenAI are now collaborating to enhance the companies capabilities with GPT-4 - with one of the examples designed to help users get the information they need, faster.

With this one of their first outputs of this effort will be GPT-powered Stripe Docs!

This enhancement to Stripe’s high-quality documentation will allow developers to pose natural language queries within Stripe Docs to GPT-4, which will answer by summarizing the relevant parts of the documentation or extracting specific pieces of information. This lets developers spend less time reading and more time building.

It got me thinking.. .. If Stripe can do it so can I..

And why not tie it into Oracle Content Managements Document Digital Asset Types with a custom sitebuilder UI component for search?

With a little digging in I've found multiple LLMs that I can process and ingest .md, .pdf, .docx, .csv, .epub, .html - Great!

Over the next couple of weeks - I'll be hooking it into the OCM Repository and finding out more - on how ChatGPT can help improve searching across multiple assets, providing summaries on documents and if it can return the information faster than using standard OOTB Search.

Keep an eye out on my progress over the next couple months.