Oracle Content Managements New RTE (TinyMCE)

Oracle Content Managements New RTE (TinyMCE)

In November OCM will support a new rich text editor based on TinyMCE. The new editor will replace the currently used CKEditor 4 in Site Builder (paragraph and title components, and in-line text), content form editing (long text field), annotations, and conversations.

I was able to get early access to test it out and thought it would be good to share what's coming up and my initial thoughts.

This is all subject to change in the official release in November.

OCM Contribution Form


The new RTE interface looks cleaner there is no new functionality that I could see and the button layout order is pretty much the same with both.


I do like the new formatting menu structure split out by type:

Tiny MCE also performs a lot faster when interacting with the updated custom plugins ie "image" and "link" selectors.

Image selector UI has slightly changed:

There is a nicer experience when you have a lot of content - the component now has a max height and an inner scroll bar is available with toolbar actions always visible - previously the toolbar would stay in place and you would need to scroll back to the top of the page to use it.


The experience remains the same but with a slight cleaner UI


Overall it's nice but I would have liked to see some more plugins and capabilities with the release. If you have a custom form component you can still use CKEditor4 I tried it out with mine and didn't find any issues.

I'm guessing Oracle will provide the TinyMCE plugins if you want to switch to TinyMCE for your custom forms and fields.