Oracle CloudWorld 2024 - Call for Papers

Oracle CloudWorld 2024 - Call for Papers

It's been a bit quiet here at BitmapBytes - I've been working away on a number of exciting projects that has kept me away from posting.. But the Oracle CloudWorld call for papers came in and I had to dig in and let my brain loose on all of the cool things that I could present.

Whilst prepping this post I checked and it looks like there is still time to get your submissions in this weekend..

My Submissions for 2024 CFP...

None of these have been accepted yet.. and it does take a couple months to process and for the Oracle Teams to sift through and choose from the thousands of sessions submitted.. but I thought I'd share my submissions and give a glimpse if I'm lucky of sessions I could be presenting this year.

Yes.. I may have gotten carried away with my submissions this year there are a lot..

(1541) Adventures with APEX and the Oracle Blockchain Platform

Join me as I show you how to easily create your own NFT Maketplace built on top of the Oracle Blockchain Platform with APEX and discover how Enterprises use this technology not only for brand marketing but also corporate success and engaging with their employees.

From providing legal documents to digital certificates to redeemable corporate benefits this session will discuss the benefits of a centralised blockchain platform powered by Oracle for Enterprises

(1629) All sites should be built with APEX

Learn how to build your next generation website or portal with APEX. In this sessions we will look at recreating with Oracle WebCenter Cloud an Enterprise Content and Digital Asset Management Platform that allows content contributors to more easily manage personalised content whilst enabling developers to focused on delivering content components for APEX to extend and grow their secured site.

This session is designed for both developers and content creators to show best practices for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO, and more. Showing how to streamline content creation to create an award winning website with the power of APEX and the Oracle DB.

(1540) Building an Employee Engagement Platform with HCM, APEX and WebCenter

With Gen-Z and Alphas it is more important than ever to create dynamic and engaging platforms that help to retain and keep your professionals feeling engaged and committed to the organization’s goals and values as well as motivated to contribute to the collective success.

Learn how you can combine HCM with APEX to provide a streamlined new platform that gives your employees a voice; powered with Oracle WebCenter Cloud Service, take a glimpse at how other companies like DHL have created similar platforms on Oracle HCM that help to grow and retain their employees.

(1543) Content Management for Eloqua

Learn how the Fishbowl Solutions marketing team uses Eloqua today integrated with Oracle WebCenter Cloud Services that provides an integrated enterprise content management platform to handle creation and delivery of version-controlled landing pages and email templates to Eloqua.

See how integrated GenAI is used to quickly generate new content campaigns by prompting GenAI to generate content based off a central repository of their secured documents and marketing collateral.

Teams no longer need to store and loose assets across network drives all content is stored within an intelligent centralised content cloud platform.

(1542) Enhancing Oracle CX with Content Services

Content is king when it comes to Customer Experience - in this session we will dive into how Oracle WebCenter Cloud Service and Cohere can be integrated to enhance CX - delivering targeted personalised omni-channel content for CX sales teams, marketers on marketing cloud, support agents via knowledge management and delivering content strategies with CX Commerce. Combining GenAI and RAG at its heart to deliver strategic content throughout the different CX Channels.

Learn how to use content services and Gen AI with CX to guide campaigns, help with market orchestration, provide insights to customer data and personalise content delivery.

(1537) Extending APEX with an Enterprise Content and Document Management Platform

APEX allows developers to deliver mobile and web apps in minutes with push button.. But to create a truly collaborative platform that enables your organisation to manage, create and distribute secured, enterprise content you need a powerful content hub to accelerate experience delivery, collaboration, workflow management, which helps to streamline the creation of content and improve both customer and employee engagement.

This session will show examples of how you can easily extend and integrate APEX with Oracles Enterprise Content and Document Management platform "WebCenter Cloud Service" providing business users, marketers, and content creators to manage and deliver secured content to your organization and customer base.

(1580) HCM Document and Records Management with GenAI

Learn how you can extend and use Oracle WebCenter Cloud with HCM to provide an integrated Enterprise Document Management platform supported by a Virtual Agent that understands context from your private data and corporate knowledge base with optional integration with Oracle Digital Assistant.

Improve the OOTB HCM document management experience provided by HCM with your own Enterprise Document Platform WebCenter that allows you to manage secured content, create document lifecycles and rules and generate reports with follow-up actions and status updates for managing employee content more easily.

(1539) Improve CX Sales Efficiency with Content and GenAI

Learn how we have extended CX Sales today with Visual Builder Extensions to help support and enhance our Sales Teams usage with integrated Content Management and Generative AI.

Leveraging Oracle Cohere and RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation that provides more relevant GenAI responses integrated with WebCenter Cloud Services.

(1579) Introducing Content Management for CX Commerce

Learn how to enhance CX Commerce with WebCenter Content - Place your content anywhere it needs to go. Launch sites and pages quickly with simple drag-and-drop capabilities designed for the business user and deliver more engaging, buyer-centric experiences across your business.

Bring your catalog to life with dynamic images, videos, and other relevant content.

If you are using Oracle Content Management today with CX Commerce learn how to migrate your content to Oracle WebCenter before the EOS and keep growing your eCommerce Platform.

(1582) Transition to your next gen content management platform

Come and take a deep dive into the new Oracle WebCenter Cloud Platform, if you are looking to move to a new CMS, DAM, Workflows, Records Management with support for virtual agents or want to find what's next after Oracle Content Management. Join us as we show you the latest and greatest with this powerful platform how to migrate your existing CMS and demo an overview of its features as well as how to extend with APEX or building headless with Oracle SaaS.

Also take a peek at some of our key case studies and how others use WebCenter today to help grow and manage their content.

(LRN1583) Extending Oracle Fusion SaaS with APEX and VB

This presentation focuses on the various techniques and patterns a developer can use to extend Oracle Fusion SaaS with APEX and/or Visual Builder. The presentation focuses on explaining the different development experiences each tool offers and explains how the same use case can be achieved in each of the tools. The presentation then continues to address some advanced topics on how you can create web components that can be reused between both tools. Finally the presentation will end highlighting best practices all developers should adhere to. At the end of the presentation the audience will understand the differences between the tools, know how to implement the same patterns in each tool and understand some advanced patterns which can be used in their own projects.

(1630) Super charge Oracles HCM Digital Assistant with GenAI

Learn how GenAI can improve your end users Digital Experience integrated with Oracles Digital Assistants interface for HCM.

In this session we will demo a new approach of fronting ODA with GenAI to enable multilingual support and reduce the complexities required to build a Digital Assistants giving your developments teams the ability to control the flow of the conversation and manage third party integrations quick and easily via the ODA Visual Flow Designer.

Additional areas of focus will be on using RAG for providing Virtual Agents more business context and showing different architectural designs covering the pros and cons of each approach.

(LRN1584) Design and AI patterns used in the Fusion and MS-Teams Integration

In Nov 2023, the ATeam released a sample application which extended Oracle Fusion SaaS to give Microsoft Teams integration. During the development, several patterns were implemented, and this presentation details out some of the more important patterns. E.g., How Authorization was dealt with by the middle tier, how the identity was passed from Oracle Fusion to OIC etc. Additionally, this session will showcase examples from a partner on how they used these patterns to extend SaaS into teams - exposing a cohere virtual agent that provide users access to secured user data.

Well as you can see my brain was in overdrive this week, pulling together exciting projects that I've work over the last year to present some really cool things I've helped to deliver to customers.

If you are interested in learning more about WebCenter Cloud - Oracles Enterprise Content And Digital Asset Management System... or any of the above submissions reach out to me via my contact form.