OCM Sites Lift & Shift

OCM Sites Lift & Shift

A couple weeks ago I shared an early concept of a new Oracle Content Management - local Site Builder Experience that I've been working on with the team at Fishbowl Solutions.  

Enhancing the OCM Site Builder Developer Experience
Oracle Content Management is an amazing CMS for Editors and Content Creators but when it comes to the developer experience there is a lot that can be done to improve the development lifecycle. A couple years ago I worked with a team to help improve and streamline the developer experience

We've taken the concept further and enabled the ability to easily:

If you are thinking to leave Oracle or move from another CMS to OCM
- we have you covered.
  • Build and mix and match framework UI components of your choice
Have a mixed stack of developers or prebuilt components libraries we can now quickly & more easily combine them and remove the size and complexities of cross component rollouts with our new publishing engine.
  • Smart static site publishing to third party hosts as PWA
     - Vercel
       - Netlify
OCM has never had true support for publishing Progressive Web Apps - If you are building a web app or want to package and deploy it to iTunes or Google Play we can now support this approach.
  • Develop locally and push and publish components into OCM
Although you can develop locally with the Oracle Content Toolkit - there are a lot of limitations and the approach most developers use is time consuming. We've created a simplified local Sites Builder experience to develop components and sites on with a one click auto deploy feature direct from the local dev UI to OCM.
  • Enable inline editor experience direct from your published site.
Instead of heading into OCM and opening asset editor form to make content changes - we now pull the data direct from content type making it easily editable directly from the web interface - auto-pushing new asset version and content updates back to OCM.
  • Manage the Site Page Layout and create pages locally
As a developer you don't need to go into OCM and site builder to create pages or update the theme layout pages - we have this all locally available to allow you to quickly make changes and create new pages on the fly so that you can easily test, share and try out new components.
  • Provide a staging environment for test teams to review and analyse changes pushed up by the Dev team.
Need a true staging environment to show off the editor experience and new apps that are built to seeing those apps built with live data on a true staging environment.

I'll be working on an updated video showing these new features soon;.. But it has our dev team excited for rolling out next generation of Sites built on any CMS of your choosing..