Introducing (O)CM Box: A Revolutionary Cloud-Enabled Content and Document Management Platform

Introducing (O)CM Box: A Revolutionary Cloud-Enabled Content and Document Management Platform
Yesterday Oracle officially announced - OCM End of Service 2025. You can read more on it here

Embrace the Future Beyond Oracle Content Management's End-of-Service in 2025

Not to worry.... I've been closely working with the Fishbowl Solutions team on their new Cloud-Enabled Content and Document Management Platform CM Box.

It's amazzzing!!..
CM Box OOTB Login

Providing you with the same well designed experience OCM offered (so no need to retrain your team) with new innovative enhancements and improvements with a dedicated conversion service, GenAI Virtual Assistant Integration and much more..

What's more; if you want to migrate like for like AND keep all your asset types, documents, taxonomies etc - it's.. one click of a button!  You just specify where you want your documents stored ie which Object Storage bucket (S3, Google Cloud, Oracle) and the solution clones the data. No re-architecting your data models and figuring how to remap and transfer the data to a new CMS.

Cloud-Enabled and Versatile Deployment

CM Box is not just cloud-enabled; it's a cloud powerhouse. Hosted and managed by the expert team at Fishbowl Solutions, it offers the option of self-hosting across any cloud platform, with robust support for Oracle, Amazon, and Google's Object Storage buckets. This flexibility ensures that businesses can choose a deployment model that best suits their needs.

CM Box Assets Repository Page

Asset Management Made Easy

For brands grappling with the management of large digital assets within tight governance frameworks, CM Box is a blessing. It enables the setting up of permissions, ensuring that only approved employees can access sensitive assets. Smart tagging tools and well-organized content libraries significantly reduce the time content creators spend searching for assets.

Key Features of Asset Management:

  • Comprehensive digital asset management
  • Support for the entire creative process
  • Advanced media editing tools
  • AI-driven classification and tagging
  • Extensive taxonomy support
  • Brand management tools
  • Customizable forms and fields
  • Governance and permissions controls
  • Support for all content formats
  • Optimized content delivery

Unmatched Security Features

Security in CM Box is exceptional, regardless of whether you're utilizing Oracle IDCS or MS Azure. It includes a fully integrated secure identity platform that enables efficient management of user accounts, offering features such as:

  • Self-serve onboarding portal
  • Biometric, 2FA, and Passkey Authentication
  • Bot Spam Detection
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities

Headless CMS for Modern Developers

CM Box not only serves business users but is also designed for developers. By supporting all front-end frameworks, methodologies, and tool chains, it empowers teams to create advanced, innovative experiences while simultaneously offering business users self-service tools under a governed framework.

Key Developer Features:

  • Experience orchestration
  • Content microservices
  • Front-end flexibility
  • Native GraphQL APIs
  • Embeddable management UI
CM Box Conversions (PDF, MP4, Image renditions) 

Conversion Server: A Unique Offering

One of the most notable features of CM Box is its comprehensive conversion capabilities, designed to enhance both accessibility and efficiency. This system excels in generating previewable renditions of content, enabling users to swiftly access and review materials without the necessity of specialized applications. This feature is particularly advantageous in environments where quick access to content in various formats is crucial.

A key component of these capabilities is the support for PDF renditions. CM Box allows for seamless conversion of various document types into PDF format, ensuring that documents are easily viewable across different devices and platforms. This is particularly useful for businesses that deal with a multitude of document types and need a uniform format for easy dissemination and review.

Moreover, CM Box extends its conversion capabilities to managing digital assets and conversion to  multiple image formats ie PNG, JPG, or AVIF, providing flexibility in how content is presented and shared. This feature is invaluable for content creators who need different renditions delivered to their channel.

In addition to document & image conversion, CM Box also boasts strong capabilities in video format conversion. It effortlessly converts various video formats into MP4, a widely compatible format that ensures easy access and streaming of digital media across the web. This is particularly beneficial for organizations that handle a large volume of video content and require a consistent, streamable format for internal and external communications.

Experience Platform with SaaS Integrations

CM Box is designed to be the core of any successful document and content strategies, with native integration capabilities with Oracle solutions and a variety of technologies. It's the only cloud-native content management solution that supports every asset, user, and experience of your brand.

The team are shortly to release a suite of SaaS extensions with Visual Builder offering support for both WebCenter Content and CM Box.

Innovative Integration with Enterprise Search and GenAI

CM Box integrates seamlessly with leading Enterprise Search platforms like MindBreeze, Google, and MS. Additionally, it offers RAG capabilities and connectors for Azure GenAI, Cohere, and OpenAI, providing a virtual assistant for generating contextual information quickly.

MS Teams Integration

Seamless Collaboration with MS Teams

With the growing popularity of Microsoft Teams, CM Box offers an integrated experience to allow users to manage and share documents within organizations.

In conclusion, Oracle Content Management may be End of Service but if you want a stable platform with a familiar user experience running on a Cloud provider of your choice reach out and be one of the first to trial CM Box.

If you want to connect, collaborate, brainstorm on what you can do with Oracle Cloud - feel free to reach out using the contact form below :) Full Name Email Address Message