Introducing The New (O)CM Box Desktop App

Introducing The New (O)CM Box Desktop App

Last week the Fishbowl Solutions Team started working on a Desktop App similar to the Oracle Content Management Desktop App - designed to make working with Documents and assets on your local device - Windows or Mac far simpler.

If you are new to CM Box - it's an alternative Asset and Document Management platform to Oracle Content Management: Designed to integrate with WebCenter providing a seamless transition for OCM Customers before the OCM EOS 2025..

An Overview on features can be found here:
The New Desktop App for CM Box

Core Features

  • Adobe Creative Suite Integration + Plugin
  • Watch Folder for targeted syncing of assets & documents
  • Virtual CM Box Drive Support
  • Save and access specific content meta files
  • Quick drop and share

Adobe Creative Suite Integration

If you are a creative designer and want to work with assets directly from within CM Box there is an addon plugin that enables the CM Box app to communicate with Creative Suite enabling you to load, edit, update and create new assets directly from an Adobe Creative Suite app such as Adobe Photoshop.

Watch Folders

Allows you to target local folders on your computer and map to folders on CM Box for a targeted syncing solution. This allows you to drop files into a folder and automatically push them up onto CM Box, version controlled. This is great for when you are scanning and dropping documents into a folder and want to automate the process of transferring documents to CM Box - without the need for a specific scanning integration layer.

Virtual CM Box Drive Support

Earlier this year I created a small desktop app for Oracle Content Management that enabled you to create a local OCM Virtual Drive on your computer to OCM Assets - something that was missing from OCM Desktop app.

You can see it in action here

OCM Assets Desktop App - Quick Update Mass Asset Management
Here’s a quick peak at some of the updates and on progress made on the new Oracle Content Management Desktop app designed to create a virtual drive and let you more easily manage OCM Assets. Showing off editing assets through the virtual drive and saving as a new revision within

Linked Meta Data files

Along with the virtual drive above - I created a custom new local filetype *.OCMA this allowed you to save asset metadata files anywhere to your computer and quickly re-open and launch the desktop app to view, edit and update files faster than launching a browser and searching for your commonly used assets.

Quick drop and share

There are often times you want to quickly drop and share documents between colleagues - now you can do it directly within the app to a easily accessible drop and share.

Specifying properties such as password and expiration date as-well as access levels to enable anonymous users to share and upload files back.


The first release is nearly ready for launch and contains the ability to watch folders crucial for anyone wanting to more easily sync scanned documents to CM Box and WebCenter Content.

The team are hoping in the next 3 months to be able to release the other core features.. If this is something you are looking for reach out to the Fishbowl Solutions sales team.

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