Peanuts and 9hr flight.. What should I write?..

Peanuts and 9hr flight.. What should I write?..

I fly out from Heathrow 9:55am out to Minneapolis a week before Cloud World and with 9hrs of free time sitting with my iPad local web development kit - I have do  something to keep my  boredom level from hitting in.

So with that said here some ideas and to-dos I'm tempted to work on whilst I have another coffee and think about OCM:

  • Microphone form component
    Enables the ability to record, play, upload and reference your recording against an asset. Or upload to your Docs folder - might be good for podcastst?
  • Sites Video Upload Widget & share
    Enables users to upload videos and share the link in a sites widget
  • Sites Document Upload
    Clean simplified UI enables drag drop in a branded UI and Share capabilities
  • Sites Microsite Team Members display
    Simple way to  show which users are members of a microsite

And of course I have plenty of freebies in my github repository that I can work on enhancing.

  • Form Component QR Code Generator
    Add ability to add an SVG image and generate from form fields
  • Custom Form Component
    It's almost finished.. Need to add reference components and some placeholders for developers to add in their own functionality.
  • Form Generator
    This is coming along - I've integrated LexicalJS and the base UI and am working on creating web-components as form elements and then create a sites form generator.
  • Sites User Profile Card
    I've had an idea for a few more layouts.
  • User Presence Service
    It's on my backlog of things to work on - need to get this started!
  • Threaded Discussions
    Another one of my todo list
  • User Report Generator
    Behind the scenes and hidden away you can grab user session history and other useful bits of information from OCM.. So I thought it would come in handy to have a report generator on users, assets they've created last logged in time and ability to download the report etc
  • Mass Metadata Updater
    A dangerous but useful tool to enable the ability to query content and make mass updates very quickly across assets.
  • Mass Version Control Manager
    Query items and either roll back a version or republish a new version.

If you have any thoughts feel free to get in contact.