Easy OCM Migration Options

Easy OCM Migration Options

If you are looking to migrate away from Oracle Content Management here are some options to help make the transition smoother and reduce the effort and planning required.

  • OCM Toolkit Transfer
  • CM Box
  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Third Party CMS ie - Contentful, Strapi, ContentStack, sharepoint

OCM Toolkit Transfer

Oracle Content Management provides a CLI toolkit that enables you to easily backup your content and metadata structure to your local drive.

I created an overview on how-to backup your OCM Environment here:

How to: Back-Up Oracle Content Management
Oracle Content Management is now in EOS 2025 - unfortunately there is no 1 click backup option available today OOTB with the OCM Web UI. However with the OCM CLI Toolkit you can execute a suite of commands to easily achieve this and backup your data and meta information in

Once that has been done you can easily create an app or nodejs script to loop through this data and upload your content to a third party CMS using their APIs and mapping your OCM metadata fields to your new CMS.

Keep an eye out and subscribe - I may be posting some sample scripts on how to easily achieve this with a CMS like Strapi or Contentful.

CM Box

The team at Fishbowl Solutions have created their own enhanced and improved Cloud Native OCM  platform to help their OCM customers easily migrate off of the Oracle Content Management platform whilst keeping all the core familiar features and user experience of the OCM platform - so that users can keep using the core key features they need without additional training, planning.

You can learn more about the architecture and functionality here:

(O)Content Management Box Architecture Insights
I’ve been pulling together a series of post on the new Content Management Platform CM Box that the Fishbowl Solutions team have been working on to help provide customers with an alternative option to Oracle Content Management - enabling them to continue leveraging the functional features they need w…

What's great.. if you have invested a lot of time into OCM and are heavily using the GraphQL the data and content structure with CM Box are the same as OCM with a one click migration option providing a seamless migration experience.

Oracle WebCenter Content

Although there are currently no migration options available currently from Oracle - you can use either the below to support your content migration.

  • OCM Toolkit approach above with the WebCenter IDCPLG web services
  • CM Box as a migration and platform which also enhances the OOTB capabilities of the WebCenter Content platform.

Third Party CMS

If you are looking to migrate to another CMS such as Sharepoint or  one of the many new platforms available I'd recommend reaching out to Fishbowl Solutions who are actively working to help customers migrate their content before OCM EOS.

One migration that has already been successfully completed across to Staffbase.

The team are also working on enhancing and creating connectors for third party CMS platforms with CM Box which can also help to migrate your OCM Data onto a third party Object Store and then into a CMS.

Other platforms?

If anyone would like me to review their platform and OCM support for migration services that they are offering please reach out - happy to write a blog post and promote other options that are available to Oracle Customers.

If you want to connect, collaborate, brainstorm on what you can do with Oracle Cloud - feel free to reach out using the contact form below :) Full Name Email Address Message