New WebCenter Content Gen AI Capabilities

New WebCenter Content Gen AI Capabilities

The Fishbowl Solutions team have been working on and delivering Generative AI integrations alongside Cohere, OpenAi and Azure on top of WebCenter Content and Oracle Content Management; providing custom tailored solutions to their customers for example:

  • Integrating Enterprise Search to ingest content into a Vector DB and connecting to GenAI services.
  • Enabling Custom GenAI Skills via Oracle Digital Assistant to provide more relevant and context aware responses.
  • Enhancing Oracle Service Cloud with an additional always listening service to provide quick and accurate AI driven responses against integrated systems and knowledge based platforms such as Oracle Knowledge Cloud to customer services reps.
  • MS Teams integrations exposing Smart Virtual Agents that can provide secure RAG based content delivery to Sales & Marketing Teams.

CM Box Addon to WebCenter Content

If you haven't been following my previous posts CM Box developed by Fishbowl Solutions provides an integration and new interface layer on-top of WebCenter Content providing new services and a similar user experience to Oracle Content Management.

For more info on CM Box:

(O)Content Management Box Architecture Insights
I’ve been pulling together a series of post on the new Content Management Platform CM Box that the Fishbowl Solutions team have been working on to help provide customers with an alternative option to Oracle Content Management - enabling them to continue leveraging the functional features they need w…

The team have recently enhanced it and incorporated GenAI capabilities providing an added layer on-top of WebCenter Content that provides the following support:

  • Smart Content Tagging
    Similar to OCM enables auto-tagging on assets
  • Content Generation
    Allows users to select documents and autogenerate new content via a prompt
  • Semantic Search Results
    Providing direct response via integrated Vector Search
  • Ask Questions
    Allows users to select documents and ask question on the selected documents
  • Auto Summarise documents
    Enabling GenAI to auto sumarise a document; so that you don't need to open a document to figure it's contents.

WebCenter GenAI Virtual Assistant

The CM Box Platform now provides a new Virtual Assistant Panel that allows you to open a content repository and enables you to start talking directly against the content from WebCenter Content. Pretty cool..

The CM Box Virtual Assistant Panel

What about GenAI Image processing

I've worked on a couple Spikes this year to figure out how we can use Oracle Content Management to look for example at brand and marketing repositories for the added capability to auto generate new branded or apply company branding over media assets - unfortunately although GenAI appears to be a great solution at first glance for providing this - none of the solutions truely worked as well as I had hoped apart from MidJourney to really deliver a compelling brand asset generation tool.

I'm sure the GenAI services provided by other platforms will get better in the next 6month - but in my opinion they just aren't there yet for integration to an Enterprise Content Management platform.

Supported Generative AI Service Integrations

Today Oracle, Cohere, Open AI and Azure AI services are supported within CM Box and allows you to use your own license. Fishbowl Solutions also offer the ability to compare the Generative AI capabilities and responses across differenty GenAI platform - if you are unsure which service to use and want to create a comparison report.

Example of the GenAI Test Dashboard by Fishbowl Solutions 

Content Management Example use cases

Marketing teams can now more quickly generate new assets such as blog posts by using existing content held within the repository for example:

What is the difference between MindBreeze and Google for Enterprise Search and which is better?

Sales teams can get AI to quickly analyse spreadsheet datasets and Statements of work to quickly calculate

  1. Show me deals where we won over [size in usd] in [region] that are within [industry]
    - Details how many and shows a quick view list.
  2. Of those deals, which were either using [product] or [category]
    - Details how many and shows a quick view list.
  3. Write an update to a new prospect working in [role, like procurement] in [industry] describing why they should consider our services in [product or category] using the quotes in the above list and our marketing data
    - A writeup is created as an introduction script or email.  
    Enabling Sales person to review/modify the writeup before sending out.

And much more..


If you are looking to enhance your content experience for your teams with Generative AI - reach out to the Fishbowl Solutions team who can demo and show you other tailored solutions they have built around content management and Generative AI.

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