Live at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

Live at Oracle CloudWorld 2023

I'm back in Vegas 2023 for CloudWorld - this time jammed with sessions a Customer Advisory Board and running to network and meetup with friends, partners, customers and Aces..

Vegas has got it's groove back and it's starting to feel as if Covid is a thing of the past.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Monday I was able to join in with the Oracle Integration Cloud and Digital Assistant advisory session and there a number of exciting updates:

New Generative AI assistant

Enables you to ingest documentation from sources such as an Object store, and quickly create an AI assistant that allows you to more easily access and query your knowledge base and document library with natural language - one of the exciting items that was demo'd was Oracle's Intranet which uses ODA headless - as a search engine returning parsed copy from the ingested document based off your natural language prompt from a standard search bar.
You would never have known it was a bot returning search results.

LLM Blocks

As part of your chatbot conversation flow you can now insert LLM Blocks which allow you to push your prompt to a third party LLM trained on your data and use the response within your chat interface.

You are not tied into Oracle AI and can connect with one or more individually trained models.

Copilot SDK & Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant

A new Web SDK soon to be released and powering Oracles new Clinical Digital Assistant solution.

Oracle brings voice-activated AI to healthcare with Clinical Digital Assistant
Oracle today announced a voice-activated, generative AI-powered clinical digital assistant to improve how clinicans deliver care to patients.

There are a few exciting new things going on here first more UI layout options - at the first this may not be that exciting until you understand why - the new copilot SDK allows you to provide contextual information on the page/app the user is on to help enhance the flow and conversation; bringing back more relevant information as well as enabling direct UI level of interaction for example updating page form data directly from the conversation interface.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the CDA video that was presented but it shows a new way of handling app interaction with conversations - ie instead of the response of the digital assistant being a text based response you are returned with app UI's that you can interact with with either conversation or direct UI interactions.

SQL Dialogue Skill

SQL Dialogue has been around for some time now and allows you to use natural language to interact directly with the database without the need to write SQL Queries - but the team are expanding it's capabilities with the ability to provide insights in the dataset and generate charts on the fly from conversational interactions.

Oracle Blockchain Platform

The platform keeps growing and gaining strength and popularity I was able to catchup over beers with some of team:

OBP EVM improved web3 support

Today you can setup and spin up an EVM quickly on-top of Oracle Blockchain; and setup Fab3 which is a web3 provider that allows you the ability to interact with the smart contracts and chain with the web3.JS however the chaincode still has some limitations today ie ability to connect third party wallets to OBP, enable event subscriptions etc and the team are looking to improve the chaincode and get some if not all of these features in place.  

OBP Firefly (Supported Addon)

Essentially a set of connectors and runtimes for the enterprises that allows you to build and scale secure Web3 apps. You can deploy and use firefly today.. although it is not officially supported Oracle do have customers using it with OBP.. I'm hoping I can create some exciting demo's with the team to show how powerful this actually is and how you can use OBP alongside other chains like Ethereum.  

Hyperledger FireFly: SuperNodes for Web3 Apps
Launch blockchain apps quicker on Hyperledger FireFly: the complete Web3 stack for Ethereum, Fabric, and Corda chains. Kaleido makes it easy - try it free today!

OBP BESU (Integration)

It also sounds like BESU will be introduced essentially a Java Ethereum Client designed for use in a consortium environment including comprehensive permission schemes and consensus algorithms ie Proof of Stake/Work/Authority.

Oracle Content Management

Unfortunately I wasn't able to connect with the team - but from what I'm hearing; there should be a new major release soon..  Enabling support for Integrated Record Managements against assets, I was fortunate to have a demo of it earlier this year and if you've done records management in the past with WebCenter Content URM addon - the concepts align and it's been really well thought out.

This isn't an integrated Webcenter records management with OCM; but a new solution designed from the ground up.

Oracle JET 15.x

First some cool facts I learnt about JET..

  • Over 60,000 developers at Oracle are developing with it!
  • The Redwood Design System has now won 2 design awards of which JET is the foundational core. (No other design system has done this ie Adobe/React Spectrum or Google Material Design)

Did you know.. you can create JET web components with the VComponent architecture and combine it with your custom elements from another framework like Svelte and import it into VBCS apps on the SaaS side.

VComponents in an Oracle JET MVVM-based app
The W3C Web Component specification is the interoperability layer between the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and Virtual DOM (VDOM) architectures. You can build web components using the Composite Component Architecture (CCA) or the VComponent API.

If you are interested in learning more about JET head over to

Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)
Oracle JET - JavaScript Extension Toolkit

New Generative AI Services

Oracle announced it's new GenAI Services - an area I need to dig into more detail in the next month.

Explore Generative AI from Oracle
Transform your business with generative AI, and unlock a new era of productivity with task automation and end-to-end AI solutions for enterprise customers.


I'm still taking it all in and thinking about the future of GenAI and where it can take us with custom solutions and integrations on the SaaS side. But keep an eye on my posts by subscribing and seeing examples of integrations with the latest Oracle Tech Stack.

Finally if you didn't get to watch them - here are two keynotes you should watch: