Experimenting with a Mobile Dashboard Experience.

Experimenting with a Mobile Dashboard Experience.

Recently I've been playing around with a concept of providing an enterprise personalised app user experience for large blue chip orgs - reusing the same mobile app experience that users are familiar with; designed using web technologies.

This would allow employees to search across a corporate internal app store and add apps via icons to their personalised mobile web app dashboard ie a sandbox mobile app launcher. These apps could be Native, PWA, TWA or just a shortcut to an internal secured website.

Here is a quick demo of the initial concept base that I'll be using to build upon using Sveltekit and PWA/TWA.


Full credits go to https://twitter.com/argyleink for the initial UI code base and concept - a CSS genius and Magician; if you are a web developer - I highly recommend you to follow him..

And then go..


Next up is https://twitter.com/askRodney another developer I would highly recommend you follow. Whenever I start a new Sveltekit project I always use his sveltkit-blog-mdx project as my base and take a lot of inspiration from the tech blog post he pushes out.  https://github.com/rodneylab/sveltekit-blog-mdx

With that said here is my initial draft - that I plan to be enhancing and working on and connecting with Cloud Solutions and Platforms such  as HCM, ODA and OCM.

If you need something similar - I'm open sourcing my base here:

GitHub - JohnRSim/svelte-mobile-boilerplate: Experimental base mobile UI
Experimental base mobile UI. Contribute to JohnRSim/svelte-mobile-boilerplate development by creating an account on GitHub.


This is still early but as part of this I'd love to incorporate mobile styled widgets users can drop into the dashboard similar to iOS/Android and allow developers to create WebComponents that can be easily dropped into the experience and then follow-up and look at how this could be enhanced and made responsive as a flexible desktop interface.