Exciting Updates - Oracle WebCenter Content Cloud (May Release)

Exciting Updates - Oracle WebCenter  Content Cloud (May Release)

The Oracle Team are powering through and delivering exciting new updates to WebCenter content not just patch update with the latest May release of WCC Cloud Service appearing to be huge in terms of updates and new features!

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Whats new..

The next release of WebCenter Cloud is looking good - here is a run down of the new features that are now available:

  • APEX Content Tracker Dashboard
  • Marketplace provisioning
  • OCM to WCC Migration Support
  • WCC DAM - Smart Tagging
  • WCC Fusion Applications Integration Support
  • WCC New UI/UX
FYI - You have to recreate WCC instance one last time to the May release this means all future releases will provide you the easy ability to upgrade.. 

APEX Content Tracker Dashboard

You can now easily integrate WebCenter Content with APEX for content tracking and reporting. The team have developed a custom dashboard integrated with WCC that looks great!

Marketplace provisioning

It's now far easier to provision, and update WCC instances from the marketplace.

OCM to WCC Migration Support

With the EOL of OCM the team will soon have support to migrate all your documents from Oracle Content Management to WebCenter Cloud!

Although not in this April release.. I've been told it is just around the corner and should be with us within the next release or two!.. 

WCC DAM - Smart Tagging

Yes, Smart tagging that we loved from OCM has made it into the latest OCM release.

WCC Fusion Applications Integration Support

If you use HCM and are looking to enhance the document experience - it is now possible to connect WebCenter Content Cloud with Oracle HCM - giving you the power of incorporating features such as WCC Records Management for your employee documents.


A first round of new Webcenter REST APIs are now available - you no longer need to use those IDCPLG Webservices. Well ok you will.. this is only the first release but its a good start from the team and they'll be rolling out improves REST endpoints similar to OCM over the next couple of months.


This isn't available to everyone unfortunately..

Keep an eye out for my next post -

I'll be going into more detail and covering each of these in a series of new posts this month!.. Excited to show you the evolution of the new Oracle WCC Content Cloud Experience!