ACE Pro - Nomination..

ACE Pro - Nomination..

I'm back! In the new and improved Oracle ACE Program 2.0!!

After taking a bit of a break with a new house, two young kids and covid slowing down my contributions to the community (...excuses, excuses... ;) ) I'm back and online blogging at BitmapBytes sharing the latest experiments, innovations in IT with Oracle and running around conferences networking.

A big thanks to Bob Meixner and OCM Team for nominating me and the Fishbowl Solutions Team for helping to drive me.
Can you see me?

So.. What is the Oracle ACE program?

The Oracle ACE Program is an Oracle community program that recognizes and rewards technical experts and community leaders for sharing their knowledge and passion for Oracle Cloud Services and Oracle technologies with the community. It has been in existence for over 15 years and ever since been a worldwide sought-after technical community.

What's changed

You should be able to find me at even more conferences, presenting and showing off what I find cool in tech. I'll be more connected with the Content, digital assistant & blockchain teams - so keep an eye out for new innovations and snippets of content on what I can share on the new product releases.

Will we see you at Cloud World?

That's the plan 🤞 - I'll be helping out at Ace stage, running to presentations drinking beer & networking. Unfortunately; none of my presentations were accepted this year - but I might sneak in and see if I can get 5-10mins in to present with a PM from the content or blockchain teams to show off some art of the possible & things you can do with their platforms and connect with others interested in Oracle.. ;)  

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